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Jewellery Valuations


All Types of Jewellery Valued for Insurance


Jewellery valuations for insurance purposes are carried out by our skilled and trained staff, we will speak to you in plain english and will accurately record the weight, carats, sizes etc of your precious jewellery photographing all articles where necessary.


We deal with all the major insurance companies and brokers and we are agents for T.H. March who are specialists in the field of jewellery insurance.


Rough verbal valuations are free of charge and can be done on the spot. So if you're curious as to the value of an item of jewellery, come into the shop and we can let you know a rough figure to its value.




We charge a set fee for our valuations. This way the customer knows what the cost is before the valuation is completed.


Whilst your jewellery is being valued, we will give each individual piece a safety inspection and report to you on any work that may be necessary to ensure that your jewellery can be worn in safety.