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Diamonds at the Best Prices


Buying Diamonds can be a daunting prospect, with so many pitfalls to avoid. Most people rely on the 4 Cs which is Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat. But what about the 5th C, which we feel is equally as important, which is Cost.


Being a small independent and family run business, we can source the very best diamonds, but at a lower cost to our customers, compared with the larger high street stores.


We have built up lasting relationships with some of the best diamond importers, and have forged business interests in both Israel and Antwerp for the supply of diamonds at the very best prices.


All the diamonds we buy are hand picked to assure quality and can be independently graded.


At Robins Brothers Goldsmiths we would love to talk to you about diamonds, we will talk to you in plain and easy to understand language, in a friendly environment with absolutely no pressure.


Be assured that we fully support the Kimberley Process to ensure that all of our diamonds come from a conflict free source.